A gathering of auto campers from around the world in Hatoriko Kogen!

The 89th F.I.C.C. RALLY in JAPAN


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Kazuhiro AKASE President of Japan Autocamping Federation Honorary Member of F.I.C.C.

Japan Auto Camping Federation will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019. It is our great pleasure to host the 89th F.I.C.C. International Rally in this jubilee year.

This will be the third FICC International Rally in Japan after 1983 (Fujiyama/Biwa Lake) and 1994(Hamada), being held for the first time in Tohoku, the northeast region of Japan. Tohoku is known as having the most beautiful nature in Japan where agriculture plays a very important role. Over a long period of history, nature and culture have been harmonized, with the result that there is a huge variety of sightseeing spots which attract a lot of tourists.

The rally will take place in Ten-ei Village that administratively belongs to Fukushima Prefecture which is now fully recovered from the disaster in 2011. Ten-ei Village, located about 220 km northeast of Tokyo, is known as one of the best production areas of rice and rice wine (sake). It has a big lake called Hatoriko and its surrounding area called Hatoriko Highland is our rally venue where rally participants can enjoy all kinds of leisure activities such as trekking, fishing and hot spring (Onsen).

We welcome campers from all over the world to Ten-ei Village to enjoy the beautiful scenery, delicious food and contact with local people during the Hatoriko Rally.


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The 89th FICC RALLY in JAPAN Committee
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Fukushima Prefecture, Ten-Ei Village, Japan Auto Camping Federation
Ten-Ei Village Furusato Kodomo Yumegakko Promotional Committee Office
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